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The task of the essay is to inform about ideas, explanation, persuasion and not an image or a retelling of a life situation. Essay achieves its goal by the author’s statements. Essay writing must clearly express the author's position. In addition, the topic of the essay, in contrast to traditional works, can
only give a direction to the author's thinking.

For the essay, the author can make his own decision, which will specify the content of the essay, and perhaps the theme and title will express the relation of the different parts of the essay. Essay is not like your report!

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Essay style differences:
  • imagery
  • aphoristic
  • paradoxical

To transmit personal perception of the world essayist:
  • attracts numerous examples
  • draws parallels
  • picks up the analogy
  • uses all sorts of associations

For the essay is characterized to use a lot of means of artistic expression:
  • metaphors
  • allegorical and parable images
  • symbols
  • comparison

Essay will look richer and more interesting if it contains:
  • unpredictable conclusions
  • unexpected turns
  • interesting clutch

Where to start preparing an essay?

Read a lot of literature
Read the topic and reflect. The time you will spend for thought - it depends on you; it can be from a few minutes to a few days, weeks. Do not try to cover the topic entirely, try to focus on what you're interested in, use your life experience, and try to bring your vision of the problem. Make a note of the most successful, in your opinion, matter.

Get rid of the records, which are well-known sayings, no interest in reading and wont emphasize your individuality.

Then form an outline of the essay.

The outline of your essay says about your success. Place the statements in a certain order. Think about whether or not some of them reversed. Determine the number of paragraphs, including introduction, body and conclusion.

Draw the details.
Develop an idea in each of the sections. Evidence to back up your statements, give the facts. Use vivid descriptions, quotes, etc. that will interest the reader. Use the "traps" to attract attention: a quote, a poem, a question, an unusual fact, an idea or a funny story.

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Make sure that your essay is easy to read. Check whether your consistent thoughts, whether they lead to a logical conclusion topics. Essays are limited in a number of words, so you need to dispose of this amount is reasonable. Sometimes it means that you should leave some ideas or details, especially if they have been already mentioned somewhere or not directly relevant to the case. Such things only distract the reader's attention and overshadow the main theme of the essay.

Avoid the use of slang in essays, stereotyped phrases, abbreviations of words, too flippant tone. The language used to write an essay must be taken seriously.

Free essay examples and the best essay examples

Exclusively for our customers we have made some written essay examples. They are unique and haven’t published never before. These essays are the best essay example you may find, even better to say college essay example. With their help we want to show how to write essay and to confirm the quality of our writing service.

We present written essay examples on social issues below:

"Revolution – is a barbaric way of progress."

Jean Jaures
The Revolution - is a radical change in society, leading to a change from the old order to the new. The revolution will never fit into the fabric of history. They ripped apart and rearranged the course of history. Based on violence, all known revolution carried death and condemned the people to civil war, broke people's lives.

The Paris Commune kept its gains for 72 days, the Great French Revolution - 5 years, the October Revolution in Russia - 72 years. And every time the revolution just brings countries back to position they had, to the stage, which was violently interrupted by the revolution. Revolutions always leave a trail. Fairer and more humane than were the ideals of the revolution, the brighter this trail. All the famous revolutions gave humanity a lesson of non-achievement of social progress through violence. Let us recall the bloody invention of the Great French Revolution of Dr. Guillaume - the guillotine. In the end, the guillotine has taken away the most violent revolutionary Jacobins’ lives.

If in the old days of despotism and autocracy of the revolution were forced forms of protest, now, in the era of the triumph of democracy is preferable to the evolutionary path of development. I believe that evolution (slow or fast), depending on the circumstances, constitute the natural course of mankind.

I agree with the opinion of the French historian Jean Jaures, the revolution - a barbaric way of progress.

"The uniqueness of the individual"

"A man – is not a thing, but a creature that can be known only in the long process of development. At any moment of his life, he still is not what he can be and what he might be"

Erich Fromm

This statement reflects the problem of the human uniqueness, and the problem of its development. Author’s statement said that the man is not a thing; the man is constantly evolving, and to know him as a person you should watch him in the process of personal development. I agree with the opinion of the author that the man – is a special kind and only a man holds a self-development and self-improvement.

Throughout his life a person is modified. He is in the process of socialization. Socialization - is the process by which society and its structures affects on the individual, in which he becomes a person. A person gets a different status, a status that varies in their lifetime, playing in line with them social roles. For example, after graduating from high school and going to college I have lose my high school student status and will attain the status of a college student.

Becoming a person a man tries to know not only his abilities, his ego, but also other people with the help knowledge of the process. Cognition - the process of achieving by individual and society previously unknown facts and phenomena. But human abilities may develop at any time of life. Someone becomes a person committing a specific act, deeds, for example and someone – by creating the work of art, for example, the world-famous writer Ernest Hemingway. Regarding myself, I know that I am a person, but my deeds and actions in similar situations may be different, based on my experience.

What is the thing? This is something inanimate, any subject. And a man has a speech, mind and consciousness, the ability to create. And it can only be understood through the prism of social cognition for many years, in the course of life activity. And each of us lives his life getting individual experience, respectively, knowledge, so every person - is unique.

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